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This is a general VideoConf redirection page. It is intended to facilitate connecting to the CERN Vidyo setup.
It does not replace CERN documentation, nor should be constued as to mean that the Vidyo service if offered for any use other than in conjunction with endorsed activities.

Dial-in numbers
Linux clients

Privacy notice


Videoconferencing will be available, hosted on the CERN Vidyo system, including a H323 capability, SIP dial-in, and PSTN. To connect:

End-point device hints

  • On Polycom (HDX) devices, use the pound sign to bring up the dialpad, so you can then enter the conference number
  • If your H.323 endpoint is unwilling to connect to the IP address (or to vidyogw.cern.ch) and returns "unknown number" or a similar message, try to remove any "gatekeeper" configuration from the system settings menu (look for "gatekeeper", or E.164 settings)
  • There are many H.323 clients that use your own laptop as an end-point: cross-platform open source clients like Ekiga, and Windows clients like Polycom RealPresence Desktop, or Polycom PVX.
  • Quality really depends on your connected audio and video equipment. Use hardware echo cancellation: e.g. a Duet USB speakerphone, or a Logitech BCC950. Small investment, big improvement!

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