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Fragment Genealogie Ferreris
- Index Letter B -
Refer to these data as:
L. Lapikás,
Fragment Genealogie Ferreris,
version 1.2,
Muiden, UTC.
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Fragment Genealogie Ferreris Index Letter B ( 91 names)
   3a        backer, adriaen  
   2a        baddel, daniel  
   2a        baddel, urbanus  
   2a        badel, daniel  
   3d        bael, cornelis van  
   2b        baerntsdr, anna  
   2c        balbiaens, janneken  
   2c        balbian, alexander  
   2b        balbian, alexandrina  
   3c        balbian, alexandrina de  
   2c        balbian, jacob alexandersz  
   2c        balbian, mr jaques  
   1b        barentsz, pieter  
   2b        baron,   
   2b        baron, anna  
   3a        baron, anna  
   2b        baron, caspar de  
   2b        baron, gaspar barent de  
   3c        baron, johan  
   2b        baron, johan de  
   2b        barone, antoine de  
   3a        barone, catharina beatrix de  
   3c        barone, catharina beatrix de  
   2b        barone, cathrina beatrix de  
   2b        barone, elisabeth de  
   3a        barone, elisabeth de  
   3c        barone, elisabeth de  
   2b        barone, gaspar de  
   3a        barone, gaspar de  
   2b        barone, johan de  
   3a        barone, johan de  
   3d        barten, annetgen en marrijtgen  
   3d        barts, herman  
   2a        bastiaens, peter  
   3a        battibois, cornelia  
   3b        battibois, cornelia  
   2b        bauckema, auckien matei  
   2b        bauckema, aukje matthei  
   2b        bauckema, hans  
   2b        baukema, ds matthias  
   3c        beatrix, gaspar de barone  
   2b        belle, robbrecht van  
   3d        bemmel, joannes van  
   1b        bergen, pieter barentsz van  
   1b        berghen, pieter barentsz van  
   2a        berzeth, fabricio  
   2a        beseltgen,   
   2a        bladel, pieter  
   3d        blanckebijl, henrickje jans  
   3b        blauwhulck, gerbrand  
   2a        blocklant, christoffel van  
   3d        bloecklant, eva van  
   2a        boelhouwer, roel  
   3a        boelhouwer, roel  
   2a        bollano, johan baptissen  
   2b        bollano, johan baptissen  
   3a        bollano, johan baptissen  
   3e        bontius, alita  
   3e        bontius, catharina  
   3e        bontius, clara  
   1b        bord, robbert  
   3d        borssier, jan  
   2a        both, cornelis  
   2b        both, cornelis  
   3a        both, cornelis  
   2a        both, hendrickgen  
   2a        both, henrica  
   2b        both, henrica  
   3a        both, henrica  
   2a        both, henrick  
   2a        both, jan wouterszn  
   2a        boths, henrickgen  
   2b        bouma, anna petronella  
   2b        bouma, hugo  
   2b        bouma, josina  
   2b        bouma, josyna  
   2b        bouma, ludolphus  
   2b        bouma, mr hajo  
   2b        bouma, mr hajo luitienszn  
   3a        brandenburch, engbert  
   1b        breeman, jan marinis  
   2a        breij, jan de  
   3d        brinkesteyn, anthony van  
   2b        broeck, jenneken van den  
   1b        broeck, pieter van den  
   3a        brunsvelt, rinske  
   1b        bufkens, lucretia  
   1b        burch, cornelis willemsz  
   2c        burck, cornelis jansz van der  
   3c        bussonet, andries  
   2a        buys, reyer claess  

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