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warning sign For the evolution of fragmentation functions please do not use QCDNUM versions older than 17-00/07 and 17-01/12.

Stable Release qcdnum-18-00/00 Write-up Known bugs 08-03-2022
Stable Release qcdnum-17-00/08 Write-up Known bugs 01-05-2017

Beta Release    qcdnum-17-01/15 Write-up Known bugs 31-10-2019
Beta Release qcdnum-17-01/14 Write-up Known bugs 21-12-2017

New in qcdnum-18-00/00 (08-mar-2022):

New in qcdnum-17-01/15 (31-oct-2019):

New in qcdnum-17-01/15 (17-mar-2019):

New in qcdnum-17-01/14 (21-dec-2017):

New in qcdnum-17-00/08 (1-may-2017):

New in qcdnum-17-01/13 (23-jan-2017):

New in qcdnum-17-01/13 (9-jan-2017):

New in qcdnum-17-01/12 and qcdnum-17-00/07 (26-feb-2016):

New in qcdnum-17-01/11 (13-nov-2015):

New in qcdnum-17-01/10 (27-oct-2015):

New in qcdnum-17-01/0i (29-sep-2015):

New in qcdnum-17-01/0h (8-sep-2015):

Some routines had to be replaced (as usual, error messages will inform you about this):


New in qcdnum-17-01/0g (31-mar-2015):

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