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Welcome and thanks for your interest in these pages. I hope that some of the information you find here may be of use to you.


After the defense of my thesiswork on electron-induced two-proton knockout from Helium-3 in 2000, I joined Nikhef for the ICES/KIS Virtual Laboratory project (aimed at the development of a distributed data infrastructure for applied experimental sciences) and the EU DataGrid project that developed the middleware and established the foundation for much of the distributed data processing in the Petabyte range we see today: the worldwide LHC Computing Grid WLCG, the European e-Infrastructre EGI, and many of the national computing and data infrastructures we find today.

Meanwhile the world of distributed multi-domain, data intensive computing keeps evolving at an unprecedented pace: projects, infrastructures, software and technology are though of, designed, deployed - and superseded - continuously. Yet the underlying challenge remains: working together on data, globally, scalably, in a secure and trustworthy way. Making these infrastructures tick in a robust and sustainably way, and finding the fundamental properties of such systems in realistic, real-world environments, is what my work is about. Enjoy some of the many projects and services that make up this exciting work today:

This work is part of the activities of the Physics Data Processing group.

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