Menelaos Tsiakiris

Ido Mussche, ATLAS

The master thesis of Ido will focus on the offline issues related to the fully hadronic decay of top meson pairs. He will start with event reconstruction and estimate the signal to background ratio after 1 year of low luminosity running. A detailed comparison with the semi leptonic channel is part of this task.

Menelaos Tsiakiris

Menelaos Tsiakiris, ATLAS

The master thesis of Menelaos will focus on the trigger issues related to the fully hadronic decay of top meson pairs. First he will investigate the jet trigger chain and characterize the behavior with a fully hadronic top sample at each trigger level (turn-on curves, pre-scales, etc.). Next, he will study the selection efficiencies of the jet triggers, including the cross correlation with semi leptonic trigger schemes. This cross correlation will enable us to estimate trigger efficiencies from real data.

Sander Klous

Sander Klous, ATLAS & Physics Data Processing

I am focusing my research on two main topics: high energy physics and data processing. My projects basically aim to unify these interests. The analysis of fully hadronically decaying top-antitop Higgs events requires integration of the entire data processing chain, from data acquisition system and trigger to offline analysis. Successful completion of this project would enable us to significantly increase the complexity of our analysis tools in the near future.

Publication shortlist

CCPE 2006; 18:787-801
Transparent access to grid resources for user software

NIM 2005; A549:55-59
The LHCb Vertex Detector

Thesis, May 2005
LHCb: Vertex detector and read out chip, computing challenge and Bs to J/psi phi analysis

Presentation shortlist

Advanced Computing and Analysis Tools workshop (April 2007):
Remote Online Farms

The VENI presentation (May 2006):
Chasing the Higgs boson with a worldwide distributed trigger system

Plenary presentation at TDAQ week about streaming (May 2006):
Streaming in the Higher Level Trigger

Plenary presentation at TDAQ week about calibration streams (October 2005):
Calibration streams in the Higher Level Trigger

PhD defence, zip file with movies included (31 May 2005):
Entrance level presentation (in Dutch)

Presentation at Vertex 2003, Lake Windermere(September 2003):
The LHCb Vertex Detector

Courses shortlist

Course Computer Networks, PhD Topical Lectures, NIKHEF (June 2007):
Computer Networks



A worldwide distributed trigger system

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