Non-Work Stuff

I don't have much here at the moment. I have two great kids (one ten and one seven as of this writing), like music (especially with lots of guitar in it), the beach, the mountains.

Aside from that, you'll have to glean what you can from my Netscape bookmarks file. You might find something useful or amusing here.

Here is a picture of my crazy brother in law in Holland. He didn't think his kitchen was big enough, so he built an extension the front of it. Here he is cutting the reinforcement gridding to go in the foundation.

Here are some pictures of the band I was in when I lived in Amsterdam.

You can visit my brother Chris' Home Page. But I think he should have called it Crazy Joe's Supermarket Haul 'Em Away Page. And dang if he didn't read this and make a page called just that!

Here is a map of the Southport, North Carolina area (courtesy of Tiger Mapping Service) which shows where Hurricane Fran was located at 9 PM on the night of its landfall. I used to live in Southport, and we still have a beach house which is located just to the west, in Caswell Beach. That it is just to the west is why we still have it!!

Jeffrey Templon
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