Jeffrey Templon's Bookmarks

Search Engines

Alta Vista: Main Page
Lycos, Inc. Home Page
The Open Text Index
MIT WebZ System
Comparison of Search Engines (Scientific Info)

Reference Information

U. S. Telephone Directory
De Telefoongids - PTT Telecom
MIT Reference Links Collection
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
FAQs from MIT by ftp

Various General Information

OKRA: net.citizen Directory Service
The New York Times on the Web
Athens Internet Classifieds
Virtual Tourist World Map
Virtual Tourist - United States
MIT Document Services' Resource Page

Physics Stuff


CEBAF Information
Hall A Weekly-Meeting Minutes
1996 CEBAF Accelerator Schedule
Accelerator and Experimental Schedule
PAC Reports
Draft of CEBAF Unix Environment Proposal

Physics Journals

Phys Rev Lett, General Information
Physics Letters B
Phys Lett B Author Info


CERNLIB Installation Guide
Linux/x86 CERNLIB Dist Tree
Directory of /cernlib/pro.src

Physics Software

Garfield Information
Garfield Does Two-Dimensional
Simulations of Drift-Chamber
CERN Program Library
CERN Computing Home Page
CERN Program Docs Index Page
Directory of PS CERNLIB docs
Physics Analysis Workstation - PAW
Gismo Monte Carlo Program
Location of Contour-Plotting Software

NIKHEF-K Home Page
U.S./Mainz Helium Collaboration Homepage
DNP Home Page
National Nuclear Data Center
Physics Servers and Services Around the World
SAID NN Phase-shift program
The MIT LNS Drift Gases R&D Experiment
UGAstro Web Page
Geometric Algebra Research Group
Pertti Lounesto's Home Page
Suggestsions on Scientific Writing


Python Links

Python Software Association
Numeric Python Home Page (Hugunin)
Numeric Python Docs (Hugunin)
Numeric Python Docs (Ascher)
David Ascher's Python Repository
Tkinter Life Preserver
Examples of Tkinter Usage
wxWindows Information
PTUI: Python/Tkinter User Interface

Fortran Links

Object Oriented Fortran 90 Programming
Polyhedron Software Home Page
Robert Moniot's Page (FTNCHEK)
NAS Home Page
Sunsite-Mirror Linux Fortran FTP site

Oberon Links

ETH Zurich / Oberon Home Page
The Oberon Reference Site
Linz Oberon V4 for Linux
Bug List for Linz Oberon/V4 Linux
ETH Oberon System 3 for Windows Machines (ftp)

Eiffel Links

SIG Computer home page
Eiffel Home Page at ISE
Stuttgart's Eiffel Page
Geoff's Universal Eiffel Resource Locator (GUERL)
The MOOSE Homepage
ISE's Home Page (with Eiffel Info)

HTML Crib Sheet

Utility Program Docs

XEmacs -- Emacs: The Next Generation
Xmgr Home Page
The Official FVWM Homepage
Tob (Tape Oriented Backup)
Thot WYSIWYG editor for Linux
a2ps home page
Scilab Home Page

Unix Command Shells

The Z Shell
Dave Korn's ksh88 Memo
Soft software "setup" package
HEPiX Shells and Setup

WWW Intro (with HTML primer)
Why not use Numerical Recipes?
Amaya Overview

Linux-Oriented Stuff

Linux Applications and Utilities Page
HOWTO Index at tsx-11
Welcome to the Linux Home Page
The Linux Documentation Project
The Linux-Kernel Archive

Red Hat Links

Red Hat Software Home Page
Red Hat Errata
Red Hat Mirror at Ga. Tech.

X Windows on Linux

Matrox XFree86 Home

Linux-Related FTP and Mirror Sites

Sunsite Mirror at uark
Linux-Sunsite Mirror at
TSX-11 Linux ftp archive
iBCS2 FTP site
FTP Site with various editors for Linux
AT&T software download (ksh93 and others)
FTP site with gcc, gdb, etc. (dev tools)
All Mirrors at

Linux Security Page
Directory of /pub/cert_advisories

Benchmark and Performance Information

PDS: The Performance Database Server
Aburto's Directory Full of Benchmark Stuff
SPEC list

Pentium Compiler Group FAQ
John's Linux Page
The Official Linux Maelstrom Homepage

Weather Stuff

Local Radar for Atlanta, GA
Welcome to The Weather Underground, Inc.
Current Weather Maps/Movies

Info on Previous Workplaces

The MIT Home Page

Music Stuff

The Fender StratoFAQ
Classic Saxophone On-Line! FAQ
The Jazz Store
Personal Webpage Elisabeth Roche

Friends' Home Pages

The Sklensky/Ratliff Photo Gallery
FSU: Physics: Faculty: Adam J. Sarty
Peter C. Litwinowicz Home Page
Crad's Home Page
Gerco's KUVASZ page
Risa's Home Page
Tommy Ratliff's Homepage
Planet Doug Home Page

Fun Stuff

Wall O' Shame
HotAIR - Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research
velvet gallery
Claerbout's Classroom
Massachusetts Go Association
Ken's Go Page

Travel, Hotels, Restaurants, Maps, etc.

Hartmans Athens, Georgia Restaurant Page

Maps and Related Links

How far is it?
MapQuest! Welcome!
Geography/Maps on the Web
PCL Map Collection
Map of Amsterdam
DeLorme Mapping Map-Related Web Sites
BostonWeb ZoomMap

Netherlands Information

Amsterdam Restaurant List
Home Page of The Netherlands
NOS Teletekst

The Connected Traveler
My Parents' Beach Cottage
Salary Calculator Form-State Lookup
HI-Boston Welcome! Page

Crusades and Politics

GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project of the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Saving USENET and Then Some

Companies (Supplies)

Oxford University Press
Dell Store
Scientific / Technical / Medical (STM) Publishers
Prentice Hall
Mathematics Catalog--Out of print books for sale, Dickey Books
LeCroy Research Systems Catalog Index
MIT ME: Resource List
Greene Rubber Co., Inc. Home Page
Powell's Technical Books

Home Networking

Navas 28800 Modem FAQ

Non-fun information

Massachusetts Tax Forms & Publications
Directory of /pub/nppostings
LBL Current Job Offerings
Chronicle of Higher Ed Job Listings

Funding Agency Stuff

Funding for Research

The National Science Foundation
Search DOE Grant Info

Funding for Education

PhysicsEd: Physics Education Resources
USF -- PTI General Information
PTI's Bookmarks