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Fragment Genealogie Milet
- Index Letter M -
Refer to these data as:
L. Lapikás,
Fragment Genealogie Milet,
version 1.1,
Muiden, UTC.
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Fragment Genealogie Milet Index Letter M ( 21 names)
   1a        male, jacobus van  
   1a        mauregnault, de  
   2b        mels, elisabeth  
   1a        milet,   
   1a        milet, catharina adriana  
   1a        milet, hendrick  
   1a        milet, hendrik  
   2a        milet, hermanus joannes jacobus  
   1a        milet, jacobus petrus  
   2a        milet, joannes henricus  
   2a        milet, johan hendrik  
   2a        milet, johannes henricus  
   1a        milet, mr hendrik  
   2a        milet, mr herman jan jacob  
   1a        milet, mr johan hendrik  
   1a        milet, nn  
   1a        milet, susanna elisabeth  
   2a        milet, susanna elisabeth  
   2b        milet, susanna elisabeth  
   1a        millet, hendrik  
   2b        mol, elisabeth  

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