Eric Laenen
nikhef_logo.gif Institute for Theoretical Physics
Theory group, room H323, Tue-Fri
Kruislaan 409
1098 SJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 20 592 5127
Fax: +31 20 592 5155
. Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University
Minnaertgebouw, room 415, Mon
Leuvenlaan 4
Postbus 80.195
3508 TD Utrecht
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 30 253 3055
Fax: +31 30 253 5937


My research involves the phenomenology of quantum field theory, especially of Quantum Chromodynamics. Here you can find my publications (from Spires).


In spring 2009 I teach an interuniversity course on Field Theory in Particle Physics, together with Bernard de Wit (UU). The Utrecht webpage is here, and the UvA webpage is here.

My homepage at Utrecht University is here. My homepage at the University of Amsterdam is here.

Personal information

My curriculum vitae.
Steinar's homepage.
Inaugural speech (oratie), in Dutch: "Inzicht in de subatomaire quantumwereld".
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