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Fragment Genealogy De Kanter
- Manual -
Refer to these data as:
Fragment Genealogy De Kanter,
version 1.2,
Muiden, 2007.
© Copyright 2007 : L. Lapikás, Muiden, The Netherlands.
No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher. An exemption is made for genealogical publications provided that adequate reference is being made.

3. M A N U A L


A genealogy contains a list - as complete as possible - of all male descendants of a certain founder. The data have been tabulated under each male descendant who has got in general a number "nX", where "n" denotes generation number counted from the founder and "X" is a capital letter for further identification. Obviously the founder has number 1A. Apart from various general data each descendant has his possible marriage(s) and child(ren) listed. The children have been numbered with arabian digits "1,2,3...". In case of males who get offspring, the indication "follows nX" refers to the number in the genealogy where further data can be found. For females who get offspring a either a separate pedigree (if known!) is given in chapter 5 or further children are listed by small roman letters "a,b,c..." and "aa, bb" and so on recursively.


In the alphabetical index (chapter 6) male descendants are referred to by the indication "nx" mentioned above. Further persons mentioned in the genealogy are also referred to by "nx", which indicates under which descendant the person in question is to be found in the text. In this case it concerns mostly the children and wive(s) of the descendant or her parents. Thus -for clarity- the listed index refers to a descendant number and not to a page number. Persons mentioned in the pedigrees of female descendants (chapter 5) haven been indexed by "nx-name", where "nx" is similar to the one above and "name" refers to the corresponding pedigree.


As mentioned in the preface the data in this genealogy have been collected from various - mostly unofficial - sources. I have listed these sources as carefully as possible in order to clarify which data are certain and which not proven. The references have been indicated by superscripted brackets that refer to the references collected at the end of each generation.


Some frequently used abbreviations of countries and states are listed below.



B Belgium

H Hungary

 Y Yugo-Slavia

CDN Canada

NL The Netherlands


CR Croatia

RO Rumania


D Germany

SK Slovakia


F France

USA United States of America



USA States

AL Alabama

ID Idaho

MT Montana

PR Puerto Rico

AK Alaska

IL Illinois

NE Nebraska

RI Rhode Island

AS American Samoa

IN Indiana

NV Nevada

SC South Carolina

AZ Arizona

IA Iowa

NH New Hampshire

SD South Dakota

AR Arkansas

KS Kansas

NJ New Jersey

TN Tennessee

CA California

KY Kentucky

NM New Mexico

TX Texas

CO Colorado

LA Louisiana

NY New York

UT Utah

CT Connecticut

ME Maine

NC North Carolina

VT Vermont

DE Delaware

MH Marshall Islands

ND North Dakota

VA Virginia

DC District of Columbia

MD Maryland

MP Northern Mariana Is.

VI Virgin Islands

FM Fed. States of Micronesia

MA Massachusetts

OH Ohio

WA Washington

FL Florida

MI Michigan

OK Oklahoma

WV West Virginia

GA Georgia

MN Minnesota

OR Oregon

WI Wisconsin

GU Guam

MS Mississippi

PW Palau

WY Wyoming

HI Hawaii

MO Missouri

PA Pennsylvania



AB Alberta

NF Newfoundland

PE Prince Edward Island

BC British Columbia

NT Northwest Territories

QC Quebec

MB Manitoba

NS Nova Scotia

SK Saskatchewan

NB New Brunswick

ON Ontario

YT Yukon

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