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Genealogiën in Arva
- Index Letter M -
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L. Lapikás,
Genealogiën in Arva,
version 1.1,
Muiden, UTC.
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Genealogiën in Arva Index Letter M ( 33 names)
   1d        madlinak, catharina  
   1d        mareczky, sophia  
   1d        mareczky, sophiae  
   1d        martinszky, michael  
   1d        mathias ivg  
   1d        mathias ivk  
   1d        mathias ivl  
   1d        mathias vin  
   1d        matthaeus iid  
   1d        matthaus iiih  
   1d        matula, andreas  
   1d        matulay, josephus  
   1d        michael iiid  
   1d        michael ivp  
   1d        miklusicza, cath  
   1d        miklusicza, maria  
   1d        miklussak, joannes  
   1d        miklussak, martinus  
   1d        miklussak, martinus def joannis  
   1d        miklussicsak, veron  
   1d        miklussicza, jacobus  
   1d        miklussicza, joann  
   1d        miklussicza, jos  
   1d        miklussicza, josephus  
   1d        miklussicza, veronica  
   1d        mirovszky, franc  
   1d        motass, math  
   1d        murina, joannes  
   1d        mussak, anna  
   1d        mussak, maria  
   1d        mussak, maria thomae  
   1d        mussak, thomae  
   1d        mussak, thomas  

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