Patrick Decowski


I am an avid kayaker and backpacker. Here are some pictures from recent trips. You can find many more pictures in my picasa album. I also mountain- and road bike and dive.


Kayaking in Jervis Inlet

A 6-day kayak trip up Jervis Inlet, B.C., Canada in June 2012.

Kayaking in Bella Bella

A 6-day kayaking trip in Bella Bella, B.C., Canada in August 2011.

Hiking in Guadalajara

Hiking in Guadalajara, Spain in September 2010.

Kayaking in Desolation Sound

A 7-day kayak trip in Desolation Sound, B.C., Canada in August 2009.

7 day backpacking trip in Norway

A backpacking trip in Norway in August 2008.


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