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lcas File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
_lcas_db_read.h [code]Internal header file of LCAS database reader
_lcas_defines.h [code]Internal header file with some common defines for LCAS
_lcas_log.h [code]Internal header file for LCAS logging routines
_lcas_utils.h [code]Internal header for the LCAS utilities
lcas.c [code]LCAS - the local centre authorization service
lcas.h [code]API of the LCAS library
lcas_db_read.c [code]LCAS database reader
lcas_defines.h [code]Public header file with common definitions for the LCAS (authorization modules)
lcas_log.c [code]Logging routines for LCAS
lcas_log.h [code]Logging API for the LCAS plugins and LCAS itself
lcas_modules.h [code]The LCAS authorization plugins/modules should "include" this file
lcas_plugin_example.c [code]Interface to the LCAS plugins
lcas_setup.c [code]Setup the LCAS environment
lcas_setup.h [code]Library to setup LCAS environment
lcas_timeslots.c [code]Interface to the LCAS plugins
lcas_types.h [code]Public header file with typedefs for LCAS
lcas_userallow.c [code]Interface to the LCAS plugins
lcas_userban.c [code]Interface to the LCAS plugins
lcas_utils.c [code]Utilities for the LCAS
lcas_utils.h [code]API for the utilities for the LCAS
lcas_vo_data.c [code]LCAS utilities for creating and accessing VO data structures
lcas_vo_data.h [code]LCAS module for creating and accessing VO data structures
lcas_voms.c [code]Interface to the LCAS plugins
lcas_voms_utils.c [code]Utilities for the LCAS voms plugin
lcas_voms_utils.h [code]API for the utilities for the LCAS voms plugin

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