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Glass and Metal Roof for a Railroad Station

by George Hardy

Like the Bridge Set of 1895, the main feature of this design is not the stones, but the glass and metal roof. This design, from the patent drawings, never existed as a construction set. Therefore, one cannot refer to the parts as "reproductions". Rob Buis and Fred Hartjes produced the parts -- Fred did the design work and Rob made the parts. Fred closely followed the patent drawings for the stone work, as is seen below.

picture glass roof

Railroad station built by George Hardy. The roof covers a large area, perfect for a train station.

picture1 glass roof

Note the wooden beams on which the roof hooks and glass are supported.

picture2 glass roof

This side view shows the "X" cross beams which maintain the spacing between the roof trusses.

picture3 glass roof

New angle which increases reflections from the glass, showing the roof construction.

picture4 glass roof

Metal trusses and cross beams are clearly seen in this picture.

picture5 glass roof

The original patent drawing of the truss. Note the hooks which support the glass plates.

picture10 glass roof

This photo shows the cross beams, as designed. There are no braces to keep the upper and lower angles of the connection in the center fixed, unless one counts the wooden beams.

picture11 glass roof

The upper and lower horizontal beams form triangles which stabilize the upper and lower angles of the center connection. I agree that only one of the horizontal beams is required, if one used "compression" beams. I used "tension" beams, so the two beams are required to avoid compression stresses. For the record, the beams are 177 mm long.

picture6 glass roof

Railroad station built by Fred Hartjes. The look of the building is improved by the addition of the model trains.

picture7 glass roof

Fred drew up the plans. The trains show the scale.

picture8 glass roof

The side view gives a clear illustration that the roof towers over the stone base.

picture9 glass roof

The details of the metal trusses. The addition of a truss-to-truss beam, adding a beam to for the third side to the crossing beams would have been a useful improvement. There is little stability in the connection at the center of the "X".

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