Absoft Fortran for PowerPC Linux


Here is some information to please include in an Absoft update on your
site -
1) Absoft is now shipping a commercial release of its Pro Fortran
   for PPC/Linux.
2) The PPC/Linux version of Absoft Pro Fortran is full F95.  A 14
   day trial version is available via download from Absoft's site.
3) MPICH and other libraries for cluster users are also available.
   Full details at; http://www.absoft.com/pro.linuxppc.html


Wood Lotz

Attn: Absoft Pro Fortran v6.0 / Linux Users - Download Service Pack #4 !

  Complete F90/F77/C/C++ toolsets for Windows95/98/NT, Mac and Linux

 Fortran Toolsets for SINGLE CPU, MULTI-CPU and CLUSTER configurations

  Absoft Corporation, 2781 Bond Street, Rochester Hills, MI 48309 USA
 Voice (248) 853 0050 EST - Fax (248) 853 0108 - http://www.absoft.com

Jeff Templon
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