This page provides information on Jefferson Lab experiment 97-111. The spokespeople are Jeff Templon (UGA) and Joe Mitchell (Jefferson Lab).

The Experiment

The experiment consists of making measurements of the cross section for the reaction 4He(e,e'p)3H. These measurements are made for missing momenta in the vicinity of 430 MeV/c, where most modern calculations predict that the overlap amplitude crosses zero; thus at least in plane wave approximation, the (e,e'p) cross section should go to zero at some point near 430 MeV/c. The structure of this predicted minimum is sensititive to short-range structure in 4He.

Conversely, if the cross section does not go to zero, whatever cross section we measure should be "all" contaminant, e.g. final state interaction, meson exchange current, etc. So this experiment has elements of both nuclear structure research as well as nuclear reaction mechanism study.

This experiment was motivated by the results of experiment 91-10 at NIKHEF (performed in 1994, see links below of van Leeuwe et al.), in which several of us have participated. The results of that experiment have already been published. See the literature section immediately following.

Sign Up For Shifts!!!

Dimitri Margaziotis will be handling the shift signup for the experiment. Please visit his web page to sign up for shifts.

The Proposal

The original proposal is available as either a gzip-compressed postscript file or a gzip-compressed PDF file.

Meetings, Collaboration, Contacts

You can access the archives for the experiment mailing list. To sign up, send mail to with the body text
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Working Documents


Here are postscript versions of talks on E97-111.

Literature (Physics Motivation, Other Experiments, etc.)

Most Recent Links and References

Links pertaining to NIKHEF '94 Experiment

These items all have to do with experiment 91-10 at NIKHEF. Here you can find a list from SPIRES of works which reference the NIKHEF 94 measurement Phys Rev Lett article.

Before NIKHEF '94 Experiment

This set of links has been compiled from the literature search in Koos van Leeuwe's PhD thesis.

Here you can find a list from SPIRES of articles which reference the 1988 PRL article of van den Brand et al.

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