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August 2018

A full overview of my publications is at Inspire. Highlights are below:

Dark Matter searches
Search for dark matter in mono-jet final states
Search for dark matter in association with bottom quarks
Search for dijet resonances with constraints on Dark Matter

Tristan du Pree - CMS Dark Matter phenomenology
Dark Matter summary plots for ICHEP 2016
Cosmological constraints on LHC models (>10 citations)
LHC DMF Run-2 Dark Matter benchmark models (>100 citations)

Run-1 search for H → Z(ll)A(bb)
Run-2 search for H → Z(ll)A(bb)
Summary results of high mass BSM Higgs searches

Observation of a new boson at a mass of 125 GeV (>5000 citations)
Search for the Higgs boson decaying to bottom quarks (>250 citations)
Measurement of Z+b-jets cross-section (>50 citations)

Identification of b-quark jets (>500 citations)
Performance of b-tagging in boosted topologies (>200 citations)

B physics Tristan du Pree - LHCb
PhD thesis (>10 citations)
Measurement of the CP-violating weak phase using Bs → J/psi phi
Roadmap for selected key measurements of LHCb (>200 citations)

The LHCb detector (>1000 citations)
Ageing in the LHCb outer tracker
The front end electronics of the LHCb straw tube tracker

Future Colliders
Physics at a 100 TeV collider
Theory / Cosmology
Master's thesis on Supersymmetric Cosmic Strings

Disclaimer: Personal contributions vary per publication

Tristan du Pree - Nikhef LEP