Higgs Z to A Tristan du Pree




August 2018

Higgs from Z to A - 'In 2012 the Higgs boson was discovered, at the CERN LHC accelerator. In this research, to be conducted at the ATLAS experiment, physicists will use Higgs bosons to study its properties with precision measurements, to search for other scalar particles, and to shine a light on Dark Matter.' (NWO Vidi abstract)

More information about the NWO Vidi grant is given in the Awards section. We keep you informed on Twitter via @HiggsZtoA. Below are the members of the research group.

PI Tristan du Pree

Tristan du Pree by C.C.Odijk

Postdoc Hannah Arnold

Hannah Arnold

PhD student Marko Stamenkovic

Marko Stamenkovic

PhD student Brian Moser

Brian Moser

Nikhef blog 'Meet a Researcher': Brian Moser
Nikhef blog 'Meet a Researcher': Marko Stamenkovic

Nikhef entrance

Positions at Nikhef were advertised, in Spring 2017, for 2 PhD students and 1 postdoc.