Awards Tristan du Pree




August 2018

Some background information on my grants & awards

NWO Vidi NWO VIDI - Higgs from Z to A
Each year, experienced postdoctoral researchers are awarded NWO Vidi grants, to develop their own innovative line of research and set up a dedicated research group. In 2016, one of the projects proposed was 'Higgs from Z to A', my research project at Nikhef. Here are the press releases by Amsterdam Science Park (EN), Nikhef (NL), and NWO (NL).

FNRS CR Tristan du Pree - Jan Kluyver-prijs
In 2011, I was awarded the FNRS postdoctoral mandate as Chargé de Recherches. The research project 'The Mass Mystery' was conducted at CP3 (the Center for Cosmology, Phenomenology, and Particle Physics) at UCLouvain, extended with an honorary mandate in 2014-2015.

For my PhD research in LHCb, I received the Nikhef thesis award. Since 2010, the Jan Kluyver-prijs is awarded each year.