The dinner of 3-dec-2003

Just some quasi-random impressions

Image acat3a01.jpg
This barrel we are going to empty

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Image acat3a03.jpg

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Image acat3a08.jpg

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Image acat3a11.jpg

Image acat3a12.jpg

Image acat3a13.jpg
Opening the barrel

Image acat3a14.jpg

Image acat3a15.jpg

Image acat3a16.jpg

Image acat3a17.jpg

Image acat3a18.jpg

Image acat3a19.jpg

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Image acat3a22.jpg

Image acat3a23.jpg

Image acat3a24.jpg

Image acat3a25.jpg
One of the drinks in this traditional dinner

Image acat3a26.jpg
The barrel must be half empty already

Image acat3a27.jpg

Image acat3a28.jpg

Image acat3a29.jpg

Image acat3a30.jpg
Now it looks empty

Image acat3a31.jpg
(to be continued)

Image acat3a32.jpg

Image acat3a33.jpg

Image acat3a34.jpg

Image acat3a35.jpg

Image acat3a36.jpg

Image acat3a37.jpg

Image acat3a38.jpg

Image acat3a39.jpg

Image acat3a40.jpg

Image acat3a41.jpg
It wasn't empty after all

Image acat3a42.jpg

Image acat3a43.jpg
But now it is

Image acat3a44.jpg

Image acat3a45.jpg

Image acat3a46.jpg

Image acat3a47.jpg