This program computes Group Theory factors for vacuum bubble diagrams with up to 14 three point vertices. The answer is in terms of group invariants. Hence it is valid for all simple and semi simple Lie algebras.

The work is a collaboration of Timo van Ritbergen, Bert Schellekens and Jos Vermaseren

The paper has been published in Int. J. Mod. Phys. A14 (1999) 41-96. It can also be found in under number hep-ph/9802376.

The program is written in the language of FORM, version 3 or later. Currently this version is not yet available, but we hope to get it out soon. Look in the pages on FORM for more news.

The files are:

color.prc : The main procedure.

adjoint.prc : Does simplifications for adjoint representations.

simpli.prc : Simplifies the result.

contract.prc : Used by simpli.

d2f1.prc : Used by simpli.

dddff.prc : Used by simpli.

makeds.prc : Used by simpli.

toad.prc : Used by simpli.

tloop.frm : Program with the examples.

SOn.prc : SOn specific routine.

SUn.prc : SUn specific routine.

Spn.prc : Spn specific routine.

su.frm : Example program for SOn, SUn, Spn.

soconst.frm : Some SOn traces.

spconst.frm : Some SUn traces.

suconst.frm : Some Spn traces.