I am an 'astro-particle' physicist working at Nikhef, Amsterdam. My research consists of searching for astrophysical sources of high energy neutrinos with the Antares detector located in the Mediterranean Sea.


Left Align The detection of high energy cosmic neutrinos will greatly advance our knowledge of high energy astrophysics as well as fundamental particle physics. Neutrinos carry information on the physics of the most energetic objects in the Universe, such as Gamma Ray Bursts and Active Galactic Nuclei, which are thought to accelerate particles up to energies far beyond the reach of man-made accelerators. Moreover, cosmic neutrinos may provide information on the particle nature for the mysterious dark matter.

My research aims at the detection of cosmic sources of neutrinos using all three types of neutrino that exist in nature. This programme was awarded with a Vidi research grant from NWO, Claudio Bogazzi (PhD student) and Joris Hartman (PhD student) to work on this together. Click here for the Vidi proposal .