Lectures at the University of Amsterdam

Until recently I taught a BSc course “Quantum Physics II” at the University of Amsterdam. Spring 2016 I will teach a BSc course “Electrodynamics and Special Relativity”.

I also teach, together with Bernard de Wit and Wouter Waalewijn, a Master course on “Field Theory in Particle Physics“, for both University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University students. In spring 2016 the lectures will be held in Utrecht.

Lectures at Utrecht University

Master course on “Field Theory in Particle Physics“, see above.

Other recent lectures

1st annual meeting Graduierten Kolleg 2044, University of Freiburg.

GGI, Florence, Italy
“Perturbative QCD and resummation”.

European School of High-Energy Physics, Garderen, Netherlands

Cargese, Corsica, France
Across the TeV frontier with the LHC“, lectures on top quark physics (see website for slides).

DRSTP 2011 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, lectures on All-order aspects of QCD