Conferences and schools organized:
   1. Belgian-Dutch-German meeting on high-energy theory 
      Bad Honnef (1984) 
   2. 2nd Dutch Winterschool on theoretical high-energy physics 
      Doorwerth (1988)
   3. Dutch summerschool of Mathematical Physics 
      University of Twente (1992) 
   4. 5th Belgian-Dutch-German Summerschool on experimental 
      high-energy physics
      Dalfsen (1993) 
   5. 6th annual meeting on Physics Beyond the Standard Model 
      Bad-Honnef (1994) 
   6. Symposium on Detection of Gravitational Radiation 
      NIKHEF, Amsterdam (1994)
   7. GRAIL Workshop on Gravitational Radiation 
      University of Twente (1995) 
   8. 8th Dutch Winterschool on theoretical high-energy-physics 
      Dalfsen (1996)  
   9. Symposium Resonant Mass Detection of Gravitational Waves 
      NIKHEF, Amsterdam (1997) 
  10. XXXVth Karpacz Winterschool of Theoretical Physics 
      Polonica, Poland (1999) 
  11. 15th Dutch Winterschool of Theoretical Physics 
      Jonkerbosch, Nijmegen (2001) 
  12. Physics Beyond the Standard Model 
      Bad Honnef (2006) 

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