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Amsterdam Particle Physics Symposium

We are in the middle of organizing the Amsterdam Particle Physics Symposium. This will take place in Felix Meritis in Amsterdam, between November 30 and December 2nd. Currently the program is being finalized – and is available on the APPS web site. The aim of the symposium is phrased as:

This symposium is meant to bring together theoretical and experimental physicists, to discuss physics of the LHC and astroparticle physics and cosmology, in an informal and stimulating setting in down-town Amsterdam.

The symposium is rather complete, with speakers talking about precision measurements, discrete symmetries, Higgs and top quarks physics, cosmology, dark matter, etc. The opening talks are meant to overview the theoretical and experimental status of the field, while the closing presentations present an outlook for (mid-term) future.

Please register if you plan to join at this symposium. Diner, lunches and drinks are for free!









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