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Jets and QCD description of jet events

  • Measurement of Dijet Cross Sections in Photoproduction at HERA , (from SPIRES)

    At HERA photoproduction can be studied in inelastic electron proton reactions at very small momentum transfers from the electron to the proton. In photoproduction the photon (radiated from the electron) may fluctuate into quark pairs (and these can radiate gluons). This can be calculated by ascribing parton densities to the photon (The parton densities describe here the probability to find a parton in the photon). The paper describes a very precise measurement of 2-jet cross sections in photoproduction. This data are the first jet measurements published by the H1 collaboration with a significant reduced jet energy scale uncertainty. The data were compared to leading and next-to-leading order QCD calculations. It was found that the data are describable by next-to-leading order QCD calculations without significant changes in the parameterisations of parton densities and that the data are useful to further constrain the existing ones. The work increased the understanding of jets with high transverse momentum and made further searches for deviations from the SM in multijet final states possible.

    My Ph.D. thesis at the RWTH Aachen: Jets in Photoproduction at HERA

    My thesis includes the measurement of dijet photoproduction and and a measurement of 3-jet final states in photoproduction.

    My Diploma thesis (in German): Vergleichende Untersuchung hadronischer Endzustaende in inelastischer Elektron-Proton-Streuung
    A comparison of the JADE and the nowadays favoured invariant kt jet algorithm, measurement of dijet rates and alpha_s fits to the measured deep-inelastic scattering (DIS) data.

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