Press appearances

  • Muon Mystery Deepens with Latest Measurements

    Scientific American, Daniel Garisto, New York, 10 August 2023.
  • De deeltjesboekhouder

    Dimensies Magazine, article by Martijn van Calmthout Amsterdam, 28 November 2022
  • Run-3 van de Large Hadron Collider

    NTvN Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde, article by Melissa van Beekveld, Marco van Leeuwen, Patrick Koppenburg and Ivo van Vulpen, Amsterdam, 1 November 2022
  • Physicists Spotted a Rare ‘X’ Particle From the Beginning of the Universe

    Gizmodo article by Isaac Schultz, New York, 29 January 2022.
  • Muon houdt zich wéér niet aan de regels

    Kijk article by Jean-Paul Keulen, Amsterdam, 21 October 2021.
  • Wat is er mis met het muon?

    Kijk (printed version) article by Jean-Paul Keulen Amsterdam, 10 October 2021.
  • Nieuw ontdekt deeltje met vier quarks is relatief stabiel

    New Scientist, Amsterdam, 8 Aug 2021.
  • What to Know About the Newly Discovered Tetraquark at the Large Hadron Collider

    Gizmodo, article by Isaac Schultz, New York, August 2021.
  • Muon mania: are we finally on the brink of new physics?

    Physics World, London, April 2021.
  • Unexplained Results Intrigue Physicists at World’s Largest Particle Collider

    Scientific American, New York, March 2021.
  • Cern: scientists discover four new particles – here’s why they matter

    The Conversation, article by Patrick Koppenburg and Harry Cliff, London, March 2021.
  • LHCb observes four new tetraquarks

    CERN courier, article by Mark Rayner, Geneva, March 2021.
  • The Era of Anomalies

    APS, article by Dan Garisto, New York, May 2020.
  • You have to love the penguins

    CERN EP newsletter, article by Patrick Koppenburg and Panos Charitos, Geneva, April 2020.
  • New Analysis of Large Hadron Collider Results Confirms Something Weird Is Happening

    Gizmodo, article by Ryan Mandelbaum, New York, March 2020. Also in La Minute Info.
  • LHCb Observes CP violation in Charm

    CERN EP newsletter, article by Patrick Koppenburg, Geneva, 28 Mar. 2019.
  • Spotted: New Clue to Uncover Why Universe Is Made of Matter, Not Antimatter

    Gizmodo, article by Vasudevan Mukunth New Delhi, 22 Mar. 2019.
  • Ultimate Theory of Particle Physics Holds Where Physicists Hoped It Wouldn't

    Gizmodo, article by Ryan F. Mandelbaum, New York, 28 Dec. 2017.
  • Fusion breakthrough explained: What are quarks again?

    Christian Science Monitor, Boston, 11 Dec. 2017.
  • Two Teams Have Simultaneously Unearthed Evidence of an Exotic New Particle

    Gizmodo article by Ryan F. Mandelbaum, New York, 18 Nov. 2017.
  • New Particle Discovery Reignites Decade-Old Physics Controversy

    Gizmodo article by Ryan F. Mandelbaum, New York, 6 Jul. 2017.
  • Rare decay puts Standard Model on the spot

    CERN courier article by Patrick Koppenburg, Geneva, 17 Mar. 2017
  • LHC-experiment vindt geen bewijs voor tetraquark

    KIJK Magazine, Amsterdam, 14 Mar. 2016.
  • A l'aube d'une nouvelle physique des particules : allons-nous enfin comprendre l'univers ?

    Atlantico, Paris, 11 Mar. 2016.
  • Fysici ontdekken nieuw, exotisch deeltje met vier 'smaken' quarks

    de Volkskrant, Amsterdam, 1 Mar. 2016.
  • Nieuw deeltje ontdekt dankzij afgedankte versneller?

    KIJK Magazine, Amsterdam, 29 Feb. 2016.
  • J/ψ mesons, b decays and more

    CERN courier article by Patrick Koppenburg, Geneva, 26 Aug. 2015
  • Wie Phönix aus der Asche

    Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zürich, 20 Jul. 2015
  • Hevder a ha oppdaget ny type partikkel i partikkelakseleratoren Large Hadron Collider

    Afterposten, Oslo, 19 Jul. 2015.
  • Hat nguyen ty moi duoc phat hien sau 50 nam tìm kiem

    VN express, Viet-Nam, 17 Jul. 2015.
  • Le Cern découvre une nouvelle particule (et c'est important)

    20 Minutes, Paris, 15 Jul. 2015.
  • Large Hadron Collider discovers new form of matter known as a PENTAQUARK

    Daily Express, London, 14 Jul. 2015.
  • Physicists Prove a New Particle Exists

    Time, New York City, 14 Jul. 2015.
  • LHC ontdekt een nieuwe klasse van deeltjes: de pentaquark

    De Redactie, Brussels, 14 Jul. 2015.
  • Pentakwark - nowa czastka elementarna

    Focus, Warsaw, 14 Jul. 2015.
  • CERN-ovi znanstvenici otkrili novu cesticu, Zagreb, 14 Jul 2015.
  • Tras 50 años de busqueda el Colisionador de Hadrones encuentra el pentaquark, la nueva partícula

    BBC Mundo, London, 14 Jul 2015.
  • Large Hadron Collider discovers new pentaquark particle

    BBC News, London, 14 Jul. 2015.
  • Kauan etsitty mystinen hiukkanen varmistettiin Cernissa

    Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki, 14 Jul. 2015.
  • Il Cern ha scoperto il "pentaquark" ma non e solo una particella

    Intelligonews, Rome, 15 Jul. 2015.
  • Ao fim de mais de 50 anos, o pentaquark foi detectado

    Publico, Lisbon. 14 Jul. 2015
  • The Large Hadron Collider is starting back up. Here's what scientists hope to find

    Vox, New York, 5 Apr. 2015.
  • CERN: "Nueva Fisica" reemplaza al "Modelo Estandar"

    La Gran Época, Washington D.C., 26 Mar. 2015.
  • We might be about to find out if parallel universes exist

    Herald Sun, Melbourne, 26 Mar. 2015.
  • 2015: LHC ruszy ponownie

    Polskie Radio, Warsaw, 1 Jan. 2015.
  • Physicists just discovered two new subatomic particles. Here's why that matters

    Vox, New York, 25 Nov. 2014.
  • Znajdz bozon Higgsa. CERN udostepnil dane

    Polskie Radio, Warsaw, 24 Nov. 2014.
  • LHC: poznalismy dwie nowe czastki

    Polskie Radio, Warsaw, 22 Nov. 2014.
  • Encuentran 2 nuevas partículas del Universo

    La Estrella, Panama, 21 Nov. 2014.
  • CERN'de 2 kesif!

    Haber Turk, Istanbul, 20 Nov. 2014.
  • El CERN descubre dos nuevas particulas inéditas

    Muy Interesante, Madrid, 20 Nov 2014.
  • Cientistas do CERN descobrem duas particulas subatômicas

    Exame, Sao Paulo, 19 Nov. 2014.
  • Two New Subatomic Particles Found Using Large Hadron Collider, Scientists Say

    The Wall Street Journal, New York, 19 Nov. 2014
  • CERN scientists discover two new subatomic particles, Switzerland, 19 Nov. 2014
  • The Proton and Neutron Just Got Two New Subatomic Cousins

    The Atlantic, Boston, 19 Nov. 2014.
  • LHCb experiment observes two new baryon particles never seen before

    CERN press release, Geneva, 19 Nov. 2014.
  • Does a new particle lurk in data from sleeping LHC?

    New Scientist, London, 11 Jun. 2014.
  • BaBar makes first direct measurement of time-reversal violation

    Physics world, London, 21 Nov. 2012.