Flavour Anomalies

Plots listing a cherry-picked sets of flavour anomalies. The $b\to s\ell\ell$ anomalies are always there. In some plots, $R(X)$ or $g-2$ are added.

Each row shows the significance (blue dot) of a measurement described in the text above. For each entry, the SM expectation (orange diamond) is set to zero, the experimental and theory uncertainties are summed in quadrature and their sum is normalised to unity. The experimental value is then shifted and scaled accordingly. If a significance is given in the relevant publication, this value is used instead of the computed significance. In the left hand side plots, the significance is signed, in the right hand side it is not.


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Flavour Anomalies, https://www.nikhef.nl/~pkoppenb/anomalies.html.
See also Patrick Koppenburg et al. (2016) Rare decays of b hadrons. Scholarpedia, 11(6):32643.

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