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Inductance Calculations
Single-turn loop geometries, magnetic loop antenna

Pieter J.T. Bruinsma, PA0PHB
Pieter J.T.Bruinsma
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The inductance for a single turn round-wire loop will be calculated. For multiturn loops multiply the result with the number of turns squared.
The permeability of the medium is assumed to be 1. For other media, simply multiply by the relative permeability.

In all cases, the current is assumed to flow in the outer surface of the conductors. Inductance values are accurate to with a few percent. The formulas which have been used to calculate the inductance can be found in Radio Engineering Handbook by Terman. Most of them have been derived in the book "Inductance Calculations" by F. W. Grover.

Often a loop is employed as a so called magnetic loop antenna. Then quality factor and capacitance values as well as the voltage on the capacitor per watt of powerinput are valuable parameters. Loop parameters will be given for regulair shaped loops, based on a copper conductor with a diameter lager than the skin depth at the operating frequency. Radiation resistance as well as copper resistance have been taken into account. Ground losses and other parasitic losses have been neglected as they depend strongly on the environment.

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Regular shaped loops (Magnetic loop antenna)

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Selfinductance of Rectangular Loop

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Inductance geometries

Single-turn coils

Straight conductors




Grover supplement

G3YNH Inductors and Transformers.



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