Olga Igonkina is a senior scientist at Nikhef /FOM (Amsterdam, the Netherlands),  professor in Radboud University of Nijmegen,  VIDI 2010 and VICI 2015   laureate.

Why does the world consist of matter only? What happened to the anti-matter produced during Big Bang? How does the Universe change with time?

The main focus of my research is to understand the lack of anti-matter in the Universe.  Together with my collaborators in ATLAS experiment (CERN, Geneva) we are trying to find a tiny deviations in physics laws governing matter and anti-matter. I am particular interested in processes which would violate charged lepton flavor (for example, neutrinoless decays of  tau lepton). So far such processes were never observed, but they are necessary ingredient of the leptogenesis, current favorite explanation of the matter - anti-matter asymmetry.

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