Science is essential for society and science is fun.
Science is for everyone!

Open days
Both Nikhef and Radboud University organize open days, when everyone welcome to come and talk with scientists about current research; see what is going on. These open days have extensive programs for kids and adults, we are very happy to talk about our research !

Nikhef open day is first Saturday in October (more information)

Further, for high school kids, that are interested to learn more about high energy physics and participate in one day of research, together with CERN we organize Masterclass (here is my last Masterclass instructions).

This page (in dutch) gives more information about coming Nikhef Masterclass.  This is CERN masterclass webpage.

School visit
Talking with kids and telling them about research and particles is cool!
If your school is in the Netherlands, and you would like to organize a lecture in your class, I'd love to come and tell about little particles that make everything; dark particles we do not know anything about and to make few "proefjes" with kids. Dutch is fine. Drop me an email, if you are interested.