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This is the old webpage!

Please find the new and better one at: PhD Council

Welcome to the homepage of Nikhef's PhD Council!

We are some PhDs who thought to create a platform to deal with PhD-specific issues. In order to do so, we want to present the most important information in a centralised way although the information might already be available elsewhere (FOM, universities or even here on the Nikhef homepage). We hope that you find all the answers to questions you might (or not) have, especially if you're new at Nikhef or in Amsterdam. If you have suggestions please contact the council at phdcouncil at

Apart from this website, we have regular meetings to discuss problems (urgent or persisting) regarding our education, teaching duties, financial issues, or how to improve communication among (PhDs from) different departments.

Why don't you join one of our meetings? Please contact a PhD Council member to ask when the next meeting will take place!.

If you find any outdated information or missing some important point on our pages, please tell us! Every form of feedback as well as ideas are more than welcome!

Activities/upcoming events

7 July 2017 (11:00)Nikhef Colloquium on "Understanding the Quark-Gluon Plasma" (Andre Mischke)
4 - 15 Sep. 2017BND Summer School 2017 - Callantsoog