EAP-TLS patch for pppd

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The EAP-TLS patch has long been poorly documented. Some resources were available on the internet: I have made a fresh start with the documentation and have written some (short) HOWTO's on how to build and configure ppp with EAP-TLS+MPPE support. Comments and feedback are welcome!
The documentation is now split into the following parts: It is not required to use PPTP with the ppp+EAP-TLS patch, but it is the most commonly used setup. It is also possible to use IPSec + L2TP + ppp+EAP-TLS. This has not yet been documented, but if there's enough demand for it I can write it. In theory, such a setup would allow you to use the same set of X.509 certificates for both the IPSec layer and the L2TP layer.
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