QCDNUM Example Jobs

In the subdirectory testjobs of the QCDNUM distribution you can find several example jobs.

example.f Simple evolution program as described in Section 4.2 of the writeup. Good starting point to develop your own application code.
timing.f Mimic a QCD fit by 1000 evolutions and, for each evolution, 1000 F2 and FL calculations at NNLO in the VFNS. You can see how long this takes on your machine.
testzmstf.f Calculate structure functions with the ZMSTF package.
testhqstf.f Calculate heavy quark structure functions with the HQSTF package.
convolit.f Calculate (double) convolutions with the slow and fast convolution engine, and compare the results with that from straight-forward Gauss integration.
ftwo.f Calculate LO or NLO F2 structure functions using the fast convolution engine and compare the result to ZMSTF. Good starting point to write your own structure function routines.
longlist.f Use the fast convolution engine to interpolate an arbitrary long list of pdfs. Shows how to circumvent the mpt0 restriction on the number of interpolations.
myevol.f Custom evolution as described in Section 6.6 of the writeup.

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