Presentations of ATLAS and CMS results in December 2011, after completion of
the 2011 run; accumulated statistics approximately 5 events per femtobarn.
For the ATLAS presentation by Fabioala Gianotti you click here
     ATLAS has restricted the most likely mass of the Higgs boson to 115.5 GeV to 131 GeV
     with an excess of events around 126 GeV
For the CMS presentation by Guido Tonelli you click here
    CMS excludes, with 95% Confidence Level, the mass region 127 GeV to 600 GeV,
    a small excess of events is observed consistent with a Higgs boson at 124 GeV and below

The corresponding papers have been submitted for publication: the ATLAS search is here and
the CMS search is here

Next important update on July 4, 2012, 9:00 CEST - webcast from CERN

And the discovery papers are to be found here for ATLAS and here for CMS