The HEPGAME project

The HEPGAME project intends to use techniques from game theory for solving sets of equations in particle physics (HEP = High Energy Physics) calculations. It is funded by an ERC advanced grant and is scheduled to run from 1-Jul-2013 till 1-Jul-2018. The target is to do a number of difficult calculations at the three or four loop level, making use of techniques like MCTS (Monte Carlo tree search) which have revolutionized the go playing abilities of computers. The main tool for this research will be FORM.

The project will be spread over two locations: Nikhef and Leiden university. The physics aspects will be handled at Nikhef, the game theoretical parts will be handled at Leiden, and both groups will work at and with FORM.

The principle investigator of the project is Jos Vermaseren who will be in charge of the physics and FORM aspects. The game theory aspects will be studied under the guidance of Professors J. van den Herik and A. Plaat at Leiden university.

Information about the project can be found in the following files. The first is a rather plain introduction as given in a presentation at the Tilburg university on 30-jan-2013. The second file is the Description of Work (DoW) file as submitted to the ERC. It is more detailed.

Overview Introduction to the HEPGAME project.
DoW Description of Work.

At the start of the project the AI branch was located at the Tilburg university, but in the first half of 2014 this has moved to Leiden university. More information can be found at the site