Welcome to Nikhef

Dennis van Dok

CernVM Workshop 2022, Monday 2022-09-12

About Nikhef

The mission of the National Institute for Subatomic Physics Nikhef is to study the interactions and structure of all elementary particles and fields at the smallest distance scale and the highest attainable energy.

  • Accelerator-based particle physics
  • Astroparticle physics


… into the elementary building blocks of our Universe, their mutual forces and the structure of space and time.

Projects and Collaborations

  • LHCb
  • eEDM
  • KM3NET
  • Auger
  • Einstein Telescope Pathfinder


  • Detector R&D
  • Mechanical technology
  • Electronics Technology
  • Computer Technology

Computer Technology

  • Local cluster computing and peta-scale data storage
  • Joint NL-T1 operations with SURF
  • Provide compute and data support to collaborations
  • Partner in the CVMFS Stratum-1 network

Local facilities

Main Nikhef building currently under renovation.

Sorry, no tours of the computer facilities at the moment.

Hybrid meeting notes

  • Local participants: please use the microphones!
  • Remote participants: use 'raise hand' icon in Zoom, turn on camera
  • Local+Remote: join the mattermost channel (linked from indico)
  • Use Zoom chat to indicate problems e.g. with audio or screen sharing.


  • Coffee breaks in the lobby
  • lunch in the Newton room directly across from here
  • Walking tour starts at end of today's program; meet in the lobby
  • Rooms will not be locked so mind your valuables