PAPERCLIP: Charming matter and antimatter

27 juni 2019

In a new 3 minute PAPERCLIP video Nikhef post-doc researcher Maxime Schubiger of the LHCb-experiment explains a new paper in Physical Review Letters on the search for differences between matter and antimatter. By studying the decays of D0-particles the LHCb-collaboration has proven for the first time that particles containing the charm quark differ form their antiparticles. The small effect rules out some theories that try to explain why the universe is made of matter, not antimatter.

In the PAPERCLIP project Nikhef researchers explain new papers on video in about 3 minutes. With just words, some sheets of blank paper and a pen. Real particle physics, explained in a simple way.

The paper on CP-violation in charm quark particles is published in PRL. Earlier the Nikhef-website had this news story on charmed decay.