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Pile-up silicon detector with electronics suited for use in vacuum (above) and overview LHCb detector (below).

B Physics at Nikhef:  the mystery of CP violation

It is generally believed that, when the Big Bang occurred about 15 x 109 years ago, matter and anti-matter were produced in equal amounts. Our present universe exists almost completely of matter. Study of the decay of B-mesons (particles that contain a b-quark) is used to investigate the matter-antimatter asymmetry in nature. 

To explore that in detail Nikhef participates in the LHCb experiment at CERN and has been participating in the BaBar experiment at SLAC and the Hera-B experiment at DESY.

The activities of the Nikhef-LHCb group are in:

Moreover, the group is involved in discussions about a future detector upgrade.
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The program leader is Marcel Merk, his deputy is Antonio Pellegrino.