Computer security at Nikhef

The Nikhef computer technology department manages and operates a computer infrastructure on behalf of its users, including Nikhef staff and students and in coordination with its peer Research and e-Infrastructures.

Nikhef has a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) to address various issues related to computer and network security, from prevention to incident handling. The CSIRT can be reached (during office hours) in the following ways:

Nikhef Helpdesk/CSIRT
telephone: +31 20 592 22 00
CSIRT direct number: +31 20 592 50 90

The TF-CSIRT listing of the Nikhef CSIRT contains supplementory and RFC2350 information

Incident response

If you need to report any suspicious behaviour, misconduct, or security incident that involves any of the Nikhef users or systems (either as a target or as the origin), please contact the Nikhef CSIRT at the above address. All reported incidents will be investigated and duly acted upon.
Suspected personal data breaches should also be reported at the above address.

Please be careful with disclosing sensitive information through plain-text e-mail; you may contact the Nikhef CSIRT to inquire about alternatives for secure communication.

Scientific Computing and e-Infrastructure security

Use of the grid is also covered by the EGI and WLCG Acceptable Use Policy and Conditions of Use. For reporting and communicating on incidents in peer infrastructures, please follow the guidelines in the Security Incident Handling Procedure for reporting and handling of incidents. Contact the Nikhef CSIRT for incidents related to the Nikhef infrastructure services for the Dutch National e-Infrastructure, EGI, and other peer infrastructures.


The local Nikhef users are bound by the acceptable use policy (AUP). Violations of the policy, or general misconduct not covered therein, should be reported to