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Spacetime coordinates: Thursdays, 16:00, Room H331 (exceptions marked in red)

Organizers: Tomas Kasemets (kasemets at nikhef dot nl), Jordy de Vries (devries dot jordy at gmail dot com)

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Theory seminars 2016/2017

08-12-16 Markus Ebert (DESY Hamburg) Resummation of transverse momentum distributions in distribution space [Abstract]
15-12-16 Karl Nordström (Glasgow U.) Investigating electroweak symmetry breaking and CP-violation in the Higgs sector through hhjj [Abstract]
12-01-17 Guillermo Ballesteros () TBA [Abstract]
19-01-17 Ulf Meissner (Bonn U.) TBA [Abstract]
26-01-17 Andreas Crivellin (PSI) TBA [Abstract]
16-02-17 Simone Alioli (CERN) The GENEVA Monte Carlo framework: improving SMC with resummation [Abstract]
23-02-17 Martin Beneke (TUM) TeV scale MSSM Dark Matter and the electroweak Sommerfeld effect [Abstract]
09-03-17 Lorena Rothen (DESY) N-jettiness Subtractions [Abstract]
16-03-17 Fady Bishara (Oxford U.) The next frontier for Higgs couplings [Abstract]
30-03-17 Gudrun Heinrich (Max Planck Inst.) Pushing the precision frontier in Collider Physics [Abstract]
20-04-17 Darren Scott (Durham U.) TBA [Abstract]
01-06-17 Maximilian Stahlhofen (Mainz U.) The Top-Antitop Threshold at Lepton colliders [Abstract]
06-06-17 Christian Bauer (Berkeley) Parton showers at very high energies: Effects of electroweak radiation [Abstract]
08-06-17 Markus Diehl (DESY) TBA [Abstract]

Theory seminars 2015/2016

03-11-16 Erik Panzer (University of Oxford) Renormalization of phi^4 theory at six loops [Abstract]
22-09-16 Jeffrey Forshaw (University of Manchester) Probabilities and Signalling in Quantum Field Theory [Abstract]
24-06-16 Andreas Papaefstathiou (CERN) Multi-scalar production at hadron colliders [Abstract]
23-06-16 Kostja Chetyrkin (KIT, Karlsruhe, TTP) R- and R^* operations, anomalous dimensions and all that [Abstract]
22-06-16 Giuseppe Dibitetto (Uppsala) Is gravity in AdS really quantum? [Abstract]
08-06-16 (in Utrecht) Suvankar Dutta (IISER, Bhopal)
02-06-16 Ivano Lodato (IISER, Pune) (non-)BPS black hole entropy in 4D higher derivative supergravity [Abstract]
12-05-16 Charalampos Anastasiou (ETH Zurich) Higgs production at N3LO [Abstract]
28-04-16 Aneesh Manohar (UCSD/CERN) Geometry of the Higgs Sector [Abstract]
21-04-16 Toby Opferkuch (Bonn U.) Precision tools and models to narrow in on the 750 GeV diphoton resonance [Abstract]
14-04-16 Falko Dulat (ETH Zurich) Multiple polylogarithms in Higgs production at N3LO [Abstract]
07-04-16 Miguel Nebot Gómez (Valencia U., IFIC) Controlled flavour changing Higgs couplings in a class of two Higgs doublet models [Abstract]
10-03-16 Axel Kleinschmidt (Potsdam, Max Planck Inst.) Loops in exceptional field theory [Abstract]
03-03-16 Rene Angeles Martinez (University of Manchester) Coulomb gluons and colour evolution [Abstract]
25-02-16 Guido Bell (U. Siegen) Automating calculations in Soft-Collinear Effective Theory [Abstract]
18-02-16 Jorge Martin Camalich (University of Mainz) The shape of (new) physics in B decays [Abstract]
11-02-16 Thomas Becher (U. Bern, AEC) An Effective Theory for Jet Processes [Abstract]
14-01-16 Hagen Triendl (Imperial College London) AdS moduli spaces and domain walls [Abstract]
17-12-15 Eleni Vryonidou (Université catholique de Louvain) Higgs pair production at the LHC: SM and beyond [Abstract]
03-12-15 Jens Hoff (DESY, Zeuthen) The package TopoID and its applications to Higgs physics [Abstract]
26-11-15 Noppadol Mekareeya (CERN) Coulomb Branch and the Moduli Space of Instantons [Abstract]
12-11-15 Suresh Nampuri (IST Lisboa) Indefinite Theta functions and Black hole partition functions in N=2
29-10-15 Pedro Schwaller (DESY, Hamburg) Dark QCD from Colliders to Cosmology [Abstract]
22-10-15 Thomas Mohaupt (Liverpool) Special geometry, the c-map and Nernst branes [Abstract]
08-10-15 15:30 Subodh Patil (Geneva U.) Not so hidden fields in Cosmology [Abstract]
03-09-15 Grigoris Panatopoulos (U. de Chile) Non-standard quartic inflation in light of the Planck results [Abstract]

Theory seminars 2014/2015

18-08-15 Simon Badger (Edinburgh) TBA
30-07-15 Frank Tackmann (DESY) Resumming b-quark mas effects in Higgs production
21-07-15 Ian Moult and Duff Neill (MIT) Analytic Boosted Boson Discrimination
14-07-15 Iain Stewart (MIT) An Effective Theory Description of Forward Scattering and Factorization Violation
09-07-15 Narayan Rana (Chennai) Threshold and RG improved cross sections for Drell-Yan and Higgs productions in N3LO QCD [Abstract]
08-07-15 Andrew Larkoski (MIT) Soft Theorems from Effective Field Theory
02-07-15 Patrick Steppeler (Munster) SUSY QCD corrections to gaugino (co-)annihilation and stop annihilation with DM@NLO [Abstract]
04-06-15 (N328) Arsham Farzinnia (CTPU, Daejeon, South Korea) Phenomenology of the Renormalizable Coloron Model [Abstract]
21-05-15 Jonathan Gaunt (DESY) N-jettiness Subtractions for QCD Calculations at NNLO [Abstract, Slides]
07-05-15 Markus Diehl (DESY) Multiparton interactions: basics and recent developments [Abstract, Slides]
09-04-15 13:00 Abhishek Chowdhury (Harish-Chandra) Logarithmic Corrections to Twisted Indices [Abstract]
05-03-15 (N328) Dmitri Sorokin (Padua U.) Semiclassical equivalence of Green-Schwarz and Pure-Spinor superstrings in AdS5 x S5 [Abstract]
26-02-15 Piotr Pietrulewicz (DESY) Variable flavor number schemes for multiscale processes in QCD [Abstract, Slides]
19-02-15 (N328) Amjad Ashoorioon (Lancaster) High Frequency Gravitational Waves from the End of Inflation [Abstract]
12-02-15 Jens Oluf Andersen (Trondheim) QCD in extreme conditions [Abstract, Slides]
05-02-15 Geraldine Servant (Barcelona) Higgs (and axion) implications for baryogenesis [Abstract]
22-01-15 (N328) Juan Rojo (Oxford) The structure of the proton in the Higgs Boson era [Abstract, Slides]
04-12-14 Ben Pecjak (Durham) QCD for boosted top quark production [Abstract, Slides]
27-11-14 Aoife Bharucha (Marseille) A general form for the EW corrections to the relic density for heavy WIMPs [Abstract]
20-11-14 George Sterman (Stony Brook) Perturbation theory in coordinate space [Abstract]
13-11-14 Danny van Dyk (Siegen) Developments in Exclusive b->s l+l- Decays [Abstract, Slides]
06-11-14 Jian-Wei Qiu (BNL) Explore hadron structure from the first principle lattice QCD calculations [Abstract]
16-10-14 Benedict von Harling (SISSA) The NMSSM and naturalness [Abstract]
14-10-14 11:00 Daniel Waldram (Imperial College) Consistent truncations and generalised geometry [Abstract]
09-10-14 Mads Frandsen (CP3 Origins, Odense) Composite dynamics for electroweak symmetry breaking and dark matter
02-10-14 Valerie Domcke (SISSA) Large-field inflation at the GUT-scale [Abstract]
18-09-14 Miguel Nebot (Lisbon) Prospects for a class of Two-Higgs Doublet Models with FCNC at tree level [Abstract]
16-09-14 Aleksi Vuorinen (Helsinki) Constraining neutron star properties with QCD
11-09-14 Chris Wever (Demokritos) Simplified differential equations approach for calculating multi-loop integrals [Abstract, Slides]
09-09-14 (N328) Ehsan Hatefi (ICTP, Trieste) $\alpha'$-corrections to BPS/Non-BPS effective actions of superstring theory
04-09-14 Henrik Johansson (CERN) Double-Copy Structures of Pure and Matter-Coupled Gravity Amplitudes [Abstract]

Theory seminars 2013/2014

30-06-14 Mikhail Shaposhnikov (Lausanne) Higgs inflation at the critical point [Abstract]
19-06-14 Jochum van der Bij (Freiburg) Physics after the discovery of the Higgs boson [Abstract, Slides]
12-06-14 Jackson Clarke (Melbourne) A smoking gun for new physics... in an LHC blind spot [Abstract]
05-06-14 Massimiliano Procura (Bern) Effective field theory methods and direct detection of Dark Matter [Abstract, Slides]
22-05-14 Moritz McGarrie (DESY) SUSY model building for a 126 GeV Higgs [Abstract]
15-05-14 Diederik Roest (Groeningen) Attractors and Universality after Planck and BICEP2 [Abstract]
07-05-14 Vasiliev, Mikhail (Lebedev, Moscow) Higher-Spin Theory, Multiparticle Symmetry and Operator Algebra of Free Currents [Abstract]
01-05-14 Ciaran Williams (NBI) Bounding the Higgs width using off-shell Vector boson pair production [Abstract, Slides]
24-04-14 Diego Rodriguez-Gomez (Oviedo) Aspects of 5d gauge theories [Abstract]
17-04-14 Stephane Peigne (Nantes) An update on medium-induced gluon radiation [Abstract]
03-04-14 Hee-Cheol Kim (Perimeter) M5-brane index from 5d partition functions [Abstract]
31-03-14 Iain Stewart (MIT) Glauber Operators: Factorization Violation and Reggeization [Abstract]
27-03-14 Yang Zhang (Niels Bohr) Maximal Unitarity and Multivariate residues: an algebraic geometry story [Abstract]
20-03-14 (N328) Alessandro Bacchetta (Pavia) Tasting the flavor of quark transverse momentum [Abstract, Slides]
27-02-14 (N328) Frank Tackmann (DESY) Jet pT resummation for Higgs production [Abstract, Slides]
20-02-14 Henning Samtleben (Lyon) Exceptional Form of Supergravity [Abstract]
06-02-14 Junya Yagi (SISSA) M5-branes on S^1 x S^2: complex Chern-Simons theory and quantum integrable systems [Abstract]
30-01-14 (H220) Ian Shoemaker (CP3-Origins, Odense) Shining LUX on Dark Matter [Abstract]
23-01-14 No Seminar (TPP meeting)
05-12-13 Maarten van de Meent (Southampton) Orbital Resonances in Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals [Abstract]
28-11-13 No Seminar (TPP meeting)
21-11-13 Stefan Vandoren (Utrecht) Black holes in string theories with spontaneous supersymmetry breaking [Abstract]
14-11-13 (H220) Lisa Zeune (Desy) Constraining Supersymmetry using precision observables, Higgs physics and direct searches [Abstract, Slides]
07-11-13 (N328) Simone Marzani (Durham) QCD calculations for jet substructure [Abstract, Slides]
31-10-13 No Seminar (TPP meeting)
24-10-13 (CWI-Z011) Erik Verlinde (Amsterdam) Quantum Information and Emergent Space-Time [Abstract]
17-10-13 Thomas Gehrmann (Zurich) Precision physics with jet observables [Abstract]
26-09-13 (N328) Henrik Johansson (CERN) Towards Determining the UV Behavior of Maximal Supergravity [Abstract, Slides]
19-09-13 Andrew Spray (Melbourne) Fixed Target Constraints on Supersymmetric Hidden Sectors [Abstract]

Theory seminars 2012/2013

08-07-13 11am Rohini Godbole (IISC) Probing the Higgs sector and BSM through a study of the HVV couplings [Abstract]
27-06-13 Paolo Panci (CP3-Origins, Odense) Long Range Forces in Direct Dark Matter Searches [Abstract]
06-06-13 Chris Kouvaris (CP3-Origins, Odense) The Dark Side of Stars [Abstract]
30-05-13 Cedric Lorce (Orsay) The proton spin decomposition: some news about the controversy [Abstract]
23-05-13 (N328) Chris Wever (Utrecht) Soft and Coulomb resummation: squark and gluino production at the LHC [Abstract]
02-05-13 3:30pm Damien George (Cambridge) Multiple solutions to RG flows (blackboard presentation) [Abstract]
18-04-13 (N328) Christophe Ringeval (Louvain) Early universe cosmology after Planck 2013 [Abstract]
16-04-13 3pm (N328) Gianfranco Bertone (UvA) The Quest for Dark Matter [Abstract]
12-03-13 (H320) Shailesh Lal (ICTS Bangalore) The Heat Kernel on AdS(5) and Applications [Abstract]
14-02-13 Markus Diehl (Desy) When protons collide: multiparton interactions in QCD [Abstract]
07-02-13 Martin Gorbahn (Liverpool) Ornithology: The Z-Penguin [Abstract]
24-01-13 (N328) Daniel Butter (Nikhef) Supersymmetry, complex geometry, and Hamiltonian mechanics [Abstract]
17-01-13 Kasper Larsen (Nikhef) From Trees to Two Loops by Maximal Unitarity [Abstract]
10-01-13 Michael Schmidt (Melbourne) Testable Neutrino Mass Models [Abstract]
06-12-12 (CANCELLED) Marc Goodsell (Ecole Polytechnique) To be announced [Abstract]
29-11-12 Sebastian Jaeger (Sussex) B->Vll at small dilepton invariant mass, power corrections, and new physics [Abstract]
16-11-12 (Fri 3pm H220) Sergey Ketov (Tokyo) Supersymmetric Early Universe [Abstract]
15-11-12 Rikkert Frederix (CERN) Merging jet multiplicities in matched NLO+PS results [Abstract]
01-11-12 Gleb Arutyunov (Utrecht) Introduction to the mirror TBA [Abstract]
25-10-12 Cyril Closset (Weizmann) Rigid supersymmetry on Three-Manifolds [Abstract]
18-10-12 Patrick Vaudrevange (Desy) From SUSY to the Classification of Heterotic Geometries [Abstract]
27-09-12 Jamie Tattersall (Bonn) How low can SUSY go? Monojets, matching and compressed spectra. [Abstract]

Theory seminars 2011/2012

26-06-12 Tue 11:00 S. Satish Kumar (FU Berlin) Post-newtonian methods and resummation techniques for gravitational waves
01-06-12 Fri Gianmassimo Tasinato (Portsmouth) Non-linear interactions and exact solutions in massive gravity [Abstract]
24-05-12 Rogerio Rosenfeld (CERN) Radion-Higgs mixing at the LHC [Abstract]
10-05-12 Vittorio del Duca (Frascati) The infrared structure of gauge amplitudes in the high-energy limit [Abstract]
26-04-12 (N328) Frank Tackmann (DESY) Resummation for Jet Cross Sections at the LHC [Abstract]
24-04-12 Tue (H320) Vaibhav Rawoot (Mumbai) Transverse Single Spin Asymmetry in electroproduction of Jpsi
22-03-12 (H220) Alexander Lenz (CERN) B mixing - What did we learn from LHCb in 2011? [Abstract, PDF]
16-02-12 (N328) Jari Laamanen (Nijmegen) Top-squark as a next-to-lightest SUSY particle in constrained MSSM [Abstract]
26-01-12 Achilleas Lazopoulos (ETH) TBA
12-01-12 Pierre Artoisenet (Nikhef) Gluon fragmentation into charmonium at NLO
08-12-11 (H220) Pietro Falgari (Utrecht) NNLL predictions of the t-tbar total cross section at hadron colliders
17-11-11 Sven-Olaf Moch (DESY) The non-perturbative parameters in Higgs cross sections at the LHC
10-11-11 Cristiano Germani (LMU Munich) Slow-roll Inflation and Gravitationally Enhanced Friction [Abstract]
03-11-11 Antonia Padilla (Nottingham) From Einstein to the Fab Four [Abstract, PDF]
27-10-11 (N328) Andrew Larkoski (Stanford) Angular Correlations in High Energy Collisions [Abstract, PDF]
13-10-11 Jan de Boer (UvA) Black holes and string theory
12-10-11 Wed 16:00 Umberto Maio (MPI Munich) Birth and evolution of cosmic structures
29-09-11 (H320) Klaus Scharnhorst (VU) Nonlinear Bogolyubov-Valatin transformations [PDF]
15-09-11 (H320) Chris Quigg (Fermilab) Some topics in hadronic physics [PDF]

Theory seminars 2010/2011

16-06-11 (N328) Aurore Courtoy (INFN) Status on the Transversity Parton Distribution: The Dihadron Fragmentation Functions Way [Abstract]
09-06-11 (H220) Rutger Boels (Hamburg University) On-shell supersymmetry for the masses [Abstract]
31-05-11 Tue Giulia Ricciardi (Naples) η - η prime Mixing - From electromagnetic transitions to weak decays of charm and beauty hadrons [Abstract]
12-05-11 Michele Cicoli (DESY) Testing string vacua in the lab: large extra dimensions, LHC strings and hidden photons [Abstract]
28-04-11 Michele Della Morte (Mainz) Non-perturbative Heavy Quark Effective Theory on the lattice [Abstract]
20-04-11 Wed Kristian McDonald (MPI Heidelberg) Signals from Mixing with a Warped Abelian Hidden Sector [Abstract]
21-03-11 (N328) Renate Loll (Utrecht) New "Best Hope" for Quantum Gravity? [Abstract]
17-03-11 (N328) Ted Rogers (Vrije Universiteit) Factorization and Evolution with TMD PDFs [Abstract]
03-03-11 (H220) Leandro Almeida (Saclay) Massive Jets, Jet Shapes and Energy Flow at high p_t [Abstract]
03-02-11 (H220) Stefan Antusch (MPI Munich) Particle physics models of inflation in supergravity: New developments [Abstract]
27-01-11 Andreas Weiler (CERN) Natural non-standard Higgs boson decays or how to bury and unbury the Higgs [Abstract]
07-12-10 16:00 (Z011) William Unruh (British Columbia) Measurement of the thermal spectrum of Hawking radiation in an analog system [Abstract]
11-11-10 Dominik Schwarz (Bielefeld) News on cosmological inflation [Abstract]
21-10-10 Michele Arzano (Utrecht) Anatomy of a deformed symmetry [Abstract]
07-10-10 Thomas Quella (Amsterdam) Conformal superspace sigma-models [Abstract]
30-10-10 Hari Dass (Bangalore) Magnetars: Strong Interactions in the Sky [Abstract]
23-09-10 Paul McFadden (Amsterdam) Holographic Non-Gaussianity [Abstract]

Theory seminars 2009/2010

22-04-10 (N328) Sebastian Klein (Aachen) Heavy Flavor Production in DIS at NNLO [Abstract]
08-04-10 Bartomeu Fiol (Barcelona) Defect CFTs and holographic multiverse [Abstract]
25-03-10 Maria Ubiali (Edinburgh,Louvain) First global NNPDF parton analysis. [Abstract, Slides]
11-03-10 Stefan Karg (Aachen) ZZ+jet and Graviton+jet at NLO QCD: recent applications using GOLEM methods [Abstract]
25-02-10 Johannes Henn (HU Berlin) A new infrared regularization for planar N=4 super Yang-Mills [Abstract]
18-02-10 Erik Plauschinn (Utrecht) Model Building Constraints for type IIB Orientifolds [Abstract]
15-02-10 11:00 (H320) Jean-Paul Ngome (Tours) Constants of motion deduced from a canonical algorithm
11-02-10 11:00 Salvatore Vitale (Paris) Asymptotic expansions of Maximum Likelihood estimators errors, with an application to gravitational waves generated in the inspiral phase of binary mergers [Abstract]
04-02-10 Koenraad Schalm (Leiden) An emergent Fermi Liquid from a strongly coupled quantum critical point
28-01-10 Barbara Jäger (Karlsruhe) Weak boson scattering at the LHC
03-12-09 Priscila De Aquino (Louvain) Quantum Gravity/ADD at the LHC
26-11-09 João Baptista (Amsterdam U.) Are vortices boundaries of singular monopoles?
05-11-09 Damien George (Nikhef) Modelling an extra dimension with domain-wall branes [Abstract]
01-10-09 Luca Merlo (Padua) Discrete flavour symmetries in neutrino oscillations, LFV and leptogenesis
24-09-09 11:00 Jochum van der Bij (Freiburg) TBA
31-08-09 Johan Alwall (SLAC) Model-independent approaches to missing energy signals at the LHC [Abstract]
20-08-09 Mert Aybat (ETH Zurich) Bulk Fermions in Soft Wall Models [Abstract]
09-07-09 (N328) Marcel van Kessel (Nijmegen) Quantum Extremism: The Convexity Problem in Minkowski Space [Abstract]
02-07-09 Hoang Ngoc Long (Hanoi) Supersymmetric 3-3-1 model and inflationary scenarios

Theory seminars 2008/2009

04-06-09 Gabriele Honecker (Leuven) Towards the Standard Model on Fractional Branes [Abstract, Slides]
09-04-09 Gavin Salam (LPTHE Paris) Towards Jetography [Abstract]
02-04-09 (N328) Diederik Roest (Groningen) Moduli Stabilisation and Orientifold Reductions [Abstract, Slides]
26-03-09 (F013) Simon de Visscher (Louvain) QCD radiation in the production of heavy colored particles at the LHC
20-02-09 13:00 Stefan Groot Nibbelink (Heidelberg) Towards heterotic MSSM orbifolds in blowup [Abstract, Slides]
12-02-09 16:00 Joe Conlon (Oxford) Gauge Unification in Local String Models: is M_GUT a mirage? [Abstract, Notes]
29-01-09 Alessandro Torrielli (Utrecht) Infinite-dimensional symmetries, integrable systems, and AdS/CFT [Abstract]
04-12-08 Michael Lennek (Ecole Polytechnique) The Free-Fermionic Landscape [Slides]

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