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Robert Fleischer

My research is on the phenomenology of the Standard Model and its extensions, with a focus on flavour physics and CP violation as probes for new physics, where the B-meson system plays a key role.

Jan-Willem van Holten

My research interests are classical and quantum gravity, cosmology and supersymmetry.

Eric Laenen

Phenomenology of the Standard Model, especially Quantum Chromodynamics.

Piet Mulders [VU]

My research involves Quantum Chromodynamics with emphasis on the quark and gluon polarization in hadrons as probed in high energy scattering processes.

Marieke Postma

I am interested in what the early universe can tell us about our models of particle physics.

Bert Schellekens

My research area is string theory, and especially the landscape of string theory vacua and the way the standard model is realized.

Juan Rojo [VU]

My research interests are focused on Quantum Chromodynamics and LHC phenomenology, and include the determination of the proton structure, jet reconstruction and substructure, and Higgs boson physics.

Jos Vermaseren

My work concerns the phenomenology and methodology of Perturbative Quantum Field Theory, in particular QCD. I am also in charge of FORM.

Bernard de Wit

String theory, supergravity, black hole thermodynamics.

Kalliopi Petraki [Nikhef/LPTHE Paris])

Cosmology, dark matter

Wouter Waalewijn [UvA]

Higgs Physics, Jets, Effective Field Theories, Factorization and Resummation

Justus Koch (emeritus)

In my recent research I use lattice QCD to investigate the structure of hadronic matter at zero and finite temperatures.



Ph.D. students

Master students

Bachelor students


Regular guests

Former members


Franz Herzog

Higher order calculations in Quantum Field Theory, Higgs Phenomenology

Gilberto Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi

Flavour physics

Elena Petreska

High-energy QCD and its applications to collider physics

Nathan Hartland

Collider physics / LHC phenomenology

Valerio Bertone

Quantum chromodynamics and LHC phenomenology with particular emphasis on parton distribution functions, fragmentation functions

Takahiro Ueda

Higher order radiative corrections in perturbative quantum field theories and their applications to phenomenology

Karl Nordstrom

Dark Matter

Jordy de Vries

Particle physics phenomenology

Marco Zaro

LHC Phenomenology, MonteCarlo simulations, Higher Order corrections, top and Higgs physics

Andreas Papaefstathiou [UvA]

QCD, new physics and Higgs boson phenomenology at particle colliders and Monte Carlo event generators

Sonia El-Hedri

Dark matter phenomenology, jet substructure, neutrino astrophysics.

Darren Scott

Resummation, SCET, SMEFT

Evangelos Sfakianakis


Leonardo Vernazza

Perturbative QCD and Gauge Theories

Giulio Falcioni

Perturbative QCD

PhD students

Jort Sinninghe Damste


Rubén Oncala Mesa

Self-interacting asymmetric dark matter (theory and phenomenology)

Michael Wiechers

Cosmology; Dark Matter

Jorinde van de Vis


Ruben Jaarsma

Flavour Physics

Lorenzo Zoppi [UvA]

perturbative QCD, factorization and resummation

Tom van Daal

Quantum Chromodynamics

Pedro Cal

LHC phenomenology, QCD

Rabah Abdul Khalek

Determination of nuclear PDFs by means of the NNPDF framework.

Sabrina Cotogno [VU]


Gillian Lustermans

Improving predictions for jet cross sections and jet properties using effective field theories and exploring precision Higgs measurements and BSM physics.

Jacopo Fumagalli

Cosmology, early Universe, modified gravity.

Eleftheria Malami (UvA)

Flavour Physics

Master students

Giovanni Banelli (UvA)

Flavour Physics

Andries Salm

Anomalies, Atiyah-Singer index theorems

Bachelor students


Yoshimasa Kurihara [KEK]

Regular Guests

Beatriz Gato Rivera

String Theory

Chris Korthals-Altes

QCD plasma, theory and phenomenology

Andreas Vogt

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