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Agenda 29 June 2018

Time: 10.00 - 17.00
  • 10.30 - 11.00, H320:

    Asmita Mukherjee (IIT Bombay)
    Gluon Sivers Function in J/Psi Production in eP Collision

    Abstract: We discuss the possibility to access the gluon Sivers function in the electro and photo-production of J/\psi in eP collision, for example at the planned electron-ion collider (EIC), when the proton in transversely polarized. We calculate the Sivers asymmetry in NRQCD based color octet model. We also present the calculation of the corresponding unpolarized cross section and compare with HERA data.

  • 13.00 - 13.30, H320
    Plot of the Month/Pie of the Month

  • 14.00 - 15.00, H320
    Student meeting/discussion:

    Pedro Cal (Uva/Nikhef)
    Putting SCET in context: Other EFTs vs SCET

    Abstract: In this talk I will give a brief overview on how to construct an effective field theory while trying to pinpoint what makes Soft-Collinear Effective Theory (SCET) unique compared to other examples of effective theories.

  • 15.30 - 16.00, H320

    Julian Heeck (Brussels U.)
    Rare decays with flavor

    Abstract: Processes that violate the seemingly accidental global symmetries of the Standard Model provide a perfect hunting ground for new physics, examples being proton decay (violating baryon number), neutrinoless double beta decay (violating total lepton number), and lepton-flavor-violating decays. We will review such rare decays and classify them according to their lepton flavor information. The violation of lepton-flavor universality, as recently hinted at by LHCb's measurements of B-meson decays, will be discussed as well.

  • 16.00 Physics Cafe (Spectrum) + Borrel