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Academic Lectures

The Academic Lectures aim to remind ourselves of the physics behind the NIKHEF science program and beyond.

The lectures are organized twice a year by the theory group. The format is a series of four lectures of 45 min. Lecture notes will be made available on this website.

The lectures are intended for all NIKHEF scientists. We hope to see you there!

Dirac and Majorana Fermions

with applications in neutrino physics

Lecturer: Piet Mulders

Times: 7 and 12 September 2012

Place: H331

Lectures available as pdf:

Details create the big picture

The physics behind the famous image of the cosmic microwave background.

Lecturer: Marieke Postma

Times: Fall 2011, 10 and 17 November

Place: H331

Lectures available as pdf:

Windows on the Universe

Lecturer: Jan-Willem van Holten

Times: Spring 2008, 15 and 22 May

Place: H331

Lectures available as pdf:

Topics in Monte Carlo

Ronald Kleiss (7-10 dec 2007)

  • Estimators. Pseudorandom numbers
  • Quasirandom numbers
  • Phase space generation

Lectures available as pdf:

The Higgs System

M. Veltman (10- 20 apr 2007)

Lectures available as pdf:

Grand Unification and Supersymmetry

Bert Schellekens (16- 24 nov 2006)

  • Renormalization group, coupling unification, GUTs
  • Hierarchy problem, naturalness
  • Supersymmetry

Lectures available as pdf:

The Standard Model

Eric Laenen (20-27 apr 2006)

  • Concepts: quantum field theory, path integrals, covariant derivatives
  • Construction of SM Lagrangian, renormalization, unitarity
  • Confined, hidden, and discrete symmetries
  • Advanced topics: custodial symmetry, anomaly cancellation, hierarchy problem

Four lectures available as pdf:

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