General Public/Press

Information about NIKHEF and its scientific projects can be obtained on request from the Science Information Officer. A description of most of the current programmes is available in easy to read brochures (see list below) and even some videos have been produced.

Photo's, pictures, charts and so on can be found in the photo databases of NIKHEF and CERN.

Press releases can be found in the press archive. Other old news of interest can be found in the old news archive.

For other background information, visits or interviews with our scientists please contact our Science Information Officer, Ms. Gabby Zegers.

Gabby Zegers
Kruislaan 409
1098 SJ Amsterdam
Tel: +(31) 20 592 5075
Fax: +(31) 20 592 5054

De NIKHEF brochures (Nederlands)

The NIKHEF brochures (English)

The CERN Strategy documents 2006 (English)

Annual Reports