OT Naming Convention

FE Channels

As discussed in the Introduction , the OT is geographically subdivided in: (This scheme is illustrated in detail in the LHCb note LHCb-2003-041.)

Here an overview of the channel numbering scheme is given. This is determined by the channel sequence in the OTIS , folded with the numbering scheme of the four OTIS Boards on the FE Box.


Since all 408 FE Boxes (128 channels) on the OT detector have identical construction, their geometrical positions influence the channel numbering:
The description of the channel numbering scheme can be found in:
The conversion between the channel address as specified in LHCb-2003-041 and the straw numbering scheme used by the OT reconstruction can be performed on the basis of the channel address [quarter, layer, otis, otis_channel] that is carried by the data itself (see EDMS 833984).
Two possible implementations are given below: