OT Naming Convention


The naming conventions in the Outer Tracker system are based on the scheme illustrated in the LHCb note LHCb-2003-041. In that note was established a convention for the addressing of the FE electronics, summarized in the figure below, and essentially based on a geographical subdivision of the OT system in:

The main point of the convention established in the LHCb-2003-041 is that it is geographical: one does not refer to a given module (resp. a FE Box) by an incremental number from 1 through 216 (resp. from 1 through 432); rather this is identified by geographical references: If one looks from an infrastructural point of view, the main detector units are the so called C-Frames (a detailed description can be found at the section on the OT Station Design).
The figure below is a top view showing a schematic overview of the OT C-Frames on the two sides (conventionally called "A" and "C") of the beam line. In the figure are indicated explicitly the corresponding station, layers, and quadrants of each C-Frame.

Cframe Overview

From the station, layers and quadrants of each C-Frame indicated in the figure above becomes quite obvious the following naming convention established for the C-frames:
  • T1-Q02-XU
  • T1-Q02-VX
  • T2-Q02-XU
  • T2-Q02-VX
  • T3-Q02-XU
  • T3-Q02-VX
  • T1-Q13-XU
  • T1-Q13-VX
  • T2-Q13-XU
  • T2-Q13-VX
  • T3-Q13-XU
  • T3-Q13-VX
In this naming convention, "Q02" (resp. "Q13") indicates that the C-Frame in on the "C" (resp. "A") side of the beam line, and "XU" (resp. "VX") indicates that the C-Frame contains the module layers "L0" and "L1" (resp. "L2" and "L3").

Naming Convention