LHCb OT Module Components

Straw Tubes

In the choice of cathode material, we have profited from earlier work by ATLAS, HERA-B and COMPASS.

The basic design developed and tested in the R&D phase and outlined in the TDR is summarized in this TDR excerpt .

Open Module with Straws

Since the TDR, the design of the Straw Tubes, while remaining faithful to the concept outlined in the TDR, has been optimized with the following goals:
  • improve the straw mechanical stability
  • improve the straw gas tightness
These developements are discussed in detail here, where also a link to the document concerning the technical specification and the strategy for the quality assurance can be found.
A short overview can be found here.

Open Module with Straws

The Outer Tracker Straw Tubes will be produced by Lamina Dielectrics Ltd.