LHCb Outer Tracker

C-Frames for Module Support


The present design of the ``C-Frames'', 12 indpendent units to which the OT Modules are hung, has been driven by the requirement that each 1/4 station (two of the four layers on the same side of the beam-pipe, also referred to hereafter as a ``curtain'') could be moved independently from the rest of the detector.

The global description of the OT Station design can be found in the Introduction .

The technical specifications and the production schedule of the C-Frames are summarized in LHCb-2005-026.

The complete set of technical drawings can be reached from the Engineering Drawings Web Page.

Notice that the design of the C-Frames has been fine-tuned through the construction of a full-scale prototype, based on a design by NIKHEF and realized by Lans Engineering.


Detailed information concerning this prototype can be found at: