OT Module Design


The design of the Outer Tracker stations is modular: each detector module is constructed as standalone unit. Later four layers (XUVX) of detector modules are mounted in a Station on Aluminum frames.

There is sufficient space for extending the span of stations beyond the nominal acceptance to allow the use of modules of standard width and height.

OT Modular Design
OT Station arrangement
OT Modules
OT Station front-view

Each detector module contains two staggered layers of straw tubes, packed inside a gas-tight box.

Module Design
Cross section of a straw tube module

In this respect, the basic design of the straw tube modules has remained faithful to the concept design in the TDR, which is summarized in this TDR excerpt.

This concept design has been finalized into a detailed engineering design of various types of detector modules:

Types of OT Modules
Types of OT Modules

The complete assemblies of all these module types have been implemented by the Mechanical Engineering Department of NIKHEF in the 3D computer-aided engineering design package EDS (I-deas).

OT Modular Design
F Module 3D View
F Module Exploited View
Exploited view of F Module assembly

The complete set of engineering drawings can be found here.

Comforming to this module design, the main elements of the straw tube modules are:
  1. Two staggered layers of straw tubes

  2. Two sandwich panels to support the straw tubes and provide the with an outer gas envelope (secondary gas volume)

  3. Two side walls that join the panels along the module length
  4. Two feed-through PCBs to provide signal and GND connections
  5. Input and output gas pipes (for straw and secondary gas volumes)
A detailed description of these elements can found here.